Saturday, April 15, 2006

Do you love being a deck builder?

Do you love being a deck builder?

What is it that you love to do? We all know that the most successful people we know enjoy what they do—the question is how to get there?

Is it the building that you enjoy? Designing? Selling?

In the early days of a business you have to wear a number of hats, but there should be a goal in mind, that you consistently work towards. How do we move toward doing only what we love?

If you like the building side, you have to hire and train managers and salesmen. This is difficult. Front line people have the most dramatic effect on the business. If you are building all day—you can’t be available to observe what these people are doing for you. You see the results, and experience them when crews flee, and clients complain (hopefully). In fact, being a builder and allowing other people to run your deck company is dangerous.

Enjoying the management aspects—being the juggler is more typical for our crews. Most of the guys will pitch in when necessary, but normally they have their lead hands who run day to day installations. Management of your deck company is where profitable decisions are made and where the greatest impact on company persona is made.

Sales is one of the major 3 tasks—No deck company can survive or thrive without it. It’s where profit is made or left at the table, and it is also your PR . It is the front line representation for your company—the face of your company.

Hire well—and watch your deck company thrive!


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