Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Work for Deck Builders

Our Ontario Deck Builders are being frozen out early this year. Maybe we are spoiled from last year… I think we stopped outdoor work in January around Toronto last year.

It is Tampa’s Busy season, their seasonal snowbird residents are settling in and this year their money goes about 25% further due to the stronger Canadian Loonie. (That’s dollar in American).

The new guys on the East Coast, Virginia Beach, Charleston and Greenville will should be able to work right through the winter.

Some of the seasonal area guys do interior trim and cabinetry in the winter… though we will likely be building out of doors again mid March. Rod—Our posthole guy in Mississauga-Burlington says he was digging again in mid February last year.

When it comes to the folks that made enough money to rest up over the winter… if they are smart they are working on marketing. People are shopping on line while they are cooped up for the winter—just after Christmas the traffic to our websites doubles… and by May we see many more than 100,000 unique visitors a month.

Over the winter people are printing out web pages and collecting contacts to enact their lofty spring projects. They all start calling about February or early March…first sunny day above zero. Most of our guys have a couple of projects in the bag for spring already—and they will sell more over the winter.

When builders ask when the best time to set up is—Before January is the answer. We need your pages found by the search engines in time for the winter shoppers that will be starting in January and February. Normally it takes 2-8 weeks for google to do it's thing. The more fridge doors your contacts end up on the better your spring building season will be.
The other part of it is that we have more spare manpower this time of year as well--so we can spend more time with you.

Greenville SC and Markham Ontario are being set up presently.

If you want to learn more about our deck and fence builder group—click here.

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