Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cheapest Decks and Fences

Too Busy—

What do the following statements mean to you when said by a contractor?

I’m too busy.

I don’t have a problem getting work.

I’m as busy as I want to be.

Well, that means to me that you are Selling too cheap. (Confirmed when I read on the website that they are installing deck packages from lumber yards for less than what I paid subs 10 years ago.)

It means to me that you are in a boom town and anyone with a skill saw and most of their fingers can get busy working cheap.

Old proverb; “He who works for free is always busy”

It is a tough thing to grow a company from infancy. Without a coach we are doomed to be a mediocre business. Someone has to tell us that we are undercharging.

Here are the top frustrations of this business coach.

Builders undervaluing their time and expertise. (Your labor rates should be union scale or better after all expenses). If you want to re-invest some back into the company that is fine!

People that know it all. When you know it all you have just set the boundary of your knowledge.

Guys that believe they can start a website and get enough traffic to keep them busy in weeks. (IT TAKES YEARS TO GET TRAFFIC!). The average website will see 20 visits a year.

Good skills and no Business Training or resources or even a mentor to bounce ideas off of.

Guys that outgrow themselves—which means they sell 50 decks before they figure out what their pricing should be or base their pricing on that of their apparent competition.

Spending themselves into a ditch before they stabilize the business. Do it small scale first. What is the rush? Avoid large purchases until near the end of your first tax year.

Being able to charge more, choose which jobs to take and staying local are all benefits of having more quality marketing happening than you need.

Having these advantages are what will makes your company a GREAT Deck and Fence Business. Our Builder Group will also set you up with the best portfolio and sales tools in the business, and help you benefit from the busiest web site in the business.

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