Saturday, December 01, 2007

Platinum Broadcasting

Roxanne Phoenix called yesterday from Platinum Broadcasting's "Focus on America", expressing interest in our Builder Group Business Opportunity. Immediately I thought... Scam. So I asked her, are you looking for a cash payment for this opportunity to be seen on TV? How much does it cost?

Ohhh no, it's nothing like that she assured me, we are seen on cable networks all over the US--then she shut up.

I asked if they have a website...
Here's what the website header looks like. They have put a lot of work into it!

I still had my hackles up--since I had time wasted twice before by similar sounding scams.
Anyhow... she scheduled a phone interview with me for 11 am the next day. After a 15 minutes with a well-spoken guy named Mike Irving who is the producer apparent of a show called "Focus on America".

This is not the first time I have had time wasted by a scam like this one... Thank God it was only 15 minutes of my day before he asked for the $19,000 scheduling fee to cover media production, financials and scheduling.

A legitimate producer or TV production company will not ask for money up front for an appearance.

We've been featured on HomeSense, One Yard Two Looks, One Garden Two Looks. It makes for great marketing--but when you pay the production costs and there is no guarantee anyone will ever see the program... it is not such a deal.

Be cautious of these phishing scams relating to TV Production Companies.
Other names of shows they use to lure unsuspecting companies into cash donations...

Great Taste
Todays Family
Focus on America
Sustainable Planet
New Home Journal
Business & Beyond
Health Forum
Competetive Edge
Mundo Latino

If they were a legitimate production company they wouldn't be using deceptive techniques to get clients. is their other website