Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Best Pergola Builder in Los Angeles

Gary Bouchard has been building, pergolas, decks and fences with us in Los Angeles For about 3 years now.
It is astounding to me how immune this area is to most economic turmoil. These folks are imaginative and know what they like--Perfect Clients.
This is Gary Bouchard's second career, he was a project manager for 30 years with a photography company previously. He always did woodwork as a hobby, and when he joined with us he started on smaller projects.

Gary likely turned away more work than any of our builders. I can remember hearing about 2800 sf decks in Hollywood Hills stars glistening in my eyes... He said candidly it was just too big for him to deal with at that point. He could easily deal with work like that today, however that is the genius of Gary Bouchard. He doesn't take on more than he can chew. He knows how to say no--and gets enough leads that he can afford to.

In the days where contractors are constantly late finishing, disappearing for weeks at a time and not returning phone calls--Gary's methods are refreshing.

In 3 years I have not heard so much as the hint of a complaint from clients--and with work like this, I don't imagine I ever will. Thank you Gary Bouchard for representing so well in Los Angeles - Beverly Hills - Glendale.
GREAT looking work Gary!

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