Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheapest Fences in Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles...

Who builds the cheapest fences?

In areas like Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles and any other large metropolitan area, you will find the cheapest fences built by smash and grab brand new fence and deck companies.

You will get promised Fences for $22 a foot in Toronto, $15 in Dallas, $20 in Los Angeles…

You pay your money… you take your chances. Don't pay these guys up front...or you may never see them again.

Every year there are more than 500 new fence companies in areas like Dallas, Toronto and Los Angeles. The majority are gone in 60 days. I wouldn't expect an actual warranty from any of the budget companies. Face it--if they don't charge enough to be in business they won't be there to fix what they built.

Trouble is, they normally don't know much about building decks and fences. Not enough to be charging anything for it.

Here's a fence built by guys that attested to know what they were doing 7 or 8 years ago… they were actually sub-contractors for one of the largest budget fence companies in town. This time they contracted GardenStructure.com Brampton to build it right this time… Last time they went for the cheapest price. This time they will get a 25 year fence.

In Fact… Paying a few dollars more, for 3x the durability is actually the best value and cheapest fence in the long run.

If you want to see the results of a really cheap fence… click this link to see "Snoop Dog Square Pants" and his top 10 Wrong Methods for Building Wood Fences

BTW, if you plan to build a wood fence on your own, GardenStructure.com sells professional instructions for building fences here.


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