Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Testing New Stain Product from Benjamin Moore

Our Builders are presently trying out a new stain called ArborCoat. Waterborne finishes that go on in 2 coats and seem fairly easy to work with. Initial trials are good. Of course this photo shows REAL WOOD... not Composite. It is actually the kiln dried Red Cedar we sell out of Barrie with Arbor Coat applied to it before installation.

We won't flat out recommend it until we have seen how well it works for a couple of years, however Benjamin Moore has made our standard oil based stain that has given us good results for many years. We have never had warranty issues with Benjamin Moore to this point.

For now you will have to read the materials and decide on your own. If you are skeptical use Banjamin Moore Alkyd Exterior Stains or Sansins.

PS. Check out our article on Exterior Stain here...   It will teach you the rules for and why you should pre-finish decking.


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