Monday, November 29, 2010

Think your Deck Company website gets traffic?  --  Our Deck and Pergola Company Website traffic for 2010 is up 11% year over year and our main site received 961,000 unique visitors.

When you start a new website these days you are joining many tens of thousands of new sites that likely won't see substantial traffic or ever climb to the top of the search engine results. People just don't give away links these days, and Google values links above all else.

Thousands of sites out there link to our sites because of the unique content. We simply design the most intriguing outdoor woodwork, decks and pergolas.

If you are in a related outdoor trade and want to gain exposure through our sites and blogs please get in touch with Lawrence Winterburn at (888) 293-8938. Involvement starts at just $29.00 per month through our graduated licensing.

If you are planning to start a deck, fence or pergola company you need to speak to us first!


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