Thursday, February 16, 2006

Confidence and your deck company.

It takes confidence to build a better deck company.

This morning my 3 year old woke up and informed us that “I’m 5 now”. In his mind—he can do anything. We are not born with a defeatist attitude.

Back in grade school I had numerous teachers along with my parents line up to clear any thoughts from my head of doing anything outside their believed field of reach.

“You Can’t Do That!”, “You’ll never be able to achieve that!—Don’t even think about trying to do that”.

It’s not their fault. That’s what they were taught—and that’s what they teach us.

If you attended a public school (like I did), you may just require some de-programming.

Think up 5 things you can’t do…. The fastest things to come to their mind.

You can’t become the president

You can’t become the best mathematician

You can’t be an investment mogul

You can’t become a senator

Or maybe it looks like this… You can’t do _______, You don’t or Never Will have enough money, power or invluence to do something like _________.

Good… Take your mental chalk brush… wipe it away. Those truths as you know it no longer exist.

There is nothing you cannot do.
Accept it--believe it--live by it.

Here is a truth.

The public school system’s purpose in the early days was to “Create better workers for the factory owners”. This is why—quite inadvertently, the public school system still strips the students of confidence and positive mental attitude.

There are many great teachers in the public system—who normally didn’t attend a private school. Without attending private school the belief in one’s own abilities is missing or dampened somewhat. If they have not got the “private education attitude”, they simply cannot transfer that attitude to the students.

Once you recognize this fact your perception of reality changes radically.


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