Monday, February 05, 2007

Style Nazis--Not Quite

Well, I spoke to Jansen Ho about this authorized taste police in Surrey BC today. He very patiently worked with me to make a determination as to why this lady was confused.

What is normal in your neighborhood may not be on the other side of the country, and that is the case in this instance. Approaching an expert for advice seems to be more culturally acceptable in BC. It is due to a call about 10 years ago that our DIY plans came into existence.

Planned communities are becoming the norm in BC and it is possible to buy a house that is governed by a master plan and not even hear the term "planned community".

The City of Surrey is so used to it that a client can approach the counter and within minutes they know that they are from a planned community. They tell them that they need to speak to a "Design Scheme Consultant" to make sure that what they are planning is acceptable to the development master plan. The nice thing about most planned communities is that they have a committee approve designs for construction.

When you are the guys that show up with the nicest drawings and presentation you get to love committees. The scary thing is that the design acceptance is by one human. Personal taste has a part in the decision, coupled with interpretation of written instructions.

If the "Design Scheme Consultant" is capable it can work well. If the consultant is strictly by the book-- YUCK.

Lets just hope it is a trend, like the uniformism of Germany before WW2. L

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