Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Final Word on Free Deck Designs

Our poll shows that nearly 50% of our visitors are homeowners looking for ideas. That means that the majority of contractors think that offering free designs is short sighted.
Who's idea was that?
When you are good at something you should get rewarded well for your efforts. When you are practicing your craft--sure, you are willing to do for the experience of doing.

In my case having my work showcased in numerous magazines, being emulated by Landscape Architects and Builders worldwide, (and shipping historical plans worldwide), being on TV, in Newspapers and having tens of thousands of websites pointing to us as the world's best means that we don't have to do design work for free.

Free deck plans?
The trouble is, if we offered free deck plans--that's all we'd have time to do.
The fact is, there are stores and companies that offer free deck designs and plans, however they normally turn out to be worth precisely what you pay.
Most of the time these "Free Deck Plans" are loaded into the cost of the materials (in the case of big box stores), and into the cost of the Deck that many companies offering free deck designs will high pressure sell you in your living room.

A Call to your local GardenStructure.com Deck Builder for a quote and for our input into how to improve your deck design ideas or to find out what options we can add to bring the deck design up to our level of detail will get you on the right track. Our Builders may have a token fee however I am confident you will find them knowledgeable and creative.

Our Deck Builders will always supply free quotations on decks or pergolas if you have deck designs already.

If you don't have plans and need design assistance and don't trust lesser builders to design your dream deck--you can contact Paul Corsetti at 416 455-5515 for complete landscape plans as well as structure and deck designs,
Or Lawrence Winterburn (Principal Designer for GardenStructure.com ) at 416 951 9998. Paul and I do charge for consultations and design work--but keep in mind we do it professionally. L

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