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Starting A Deck, Fence or Pergola Company in 08

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Best Places to Start a Deck or Fence Company in 2008
There are always locational factors to starting a deck, fence or pergola company. Economics have to be examined when deciding where to locate your company. Certain areas are on trend for a healthy economy going forward, Calgary Alberta, Waterloo Ontario, New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, DC, Connecticut, Washington State, Coastal Florida, San Diego, and most of California in the older cities still have strong markets for Deck and Fence Builders. There are about a thousand cities with healthy economies in the US that I have missed.

…Others may go through some economic pain yet, however we have proven that even in a slow economy we can help you sell more.

Every year there are hundreds of deck and fence companies starting businesses--they will usually sell on price because typically—that’s all they have to offer. When you are looking to compete you can either work for free (like them), or position yourself with us ( Deck Builder Group click for details )

There is another option - buy a franchise from a deck franchise company. Please don’t treat this as me telling you that you should buy a deck franchise, because some of the Deck Franchise Companies in business today may not make it through this recession. $50-100,000 is a lot to pay to have a boss.

I know of one Deck Franchise that has lost nearly 20 franchisees in the recent past. When they are fleeing in those numbers there are troubles.

Before you buy a deck franchise be aware that most countries mandate that they have to make available a list of past franchisees and their contacts so that you can contact them and get feedback.

Because of the economy more people will be fixing rather than moving. Housing prices will come back up, and everyone knows that they always have. The jobs may be a little smaller than in years of the strong economy but that doesn’t mean less profit—It will likely mean more referrals in fact!

This has been the longest winter in many years in Toronto—there’s 4 feet of snow in places and folks are calling to build fences and decks every day. There are still areas around Toronto Available, North York, Oakville, Orangeville-Caledon and Kitchener Waterloo.

Give me a call to get involved—and if you are looking for sub-contract or hourly work, get us resumes or summaries of experience soon.

Lawrence Winterburn
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