Monday, March 22, 2010

The Right Time for Marketing Your Deck Company

When it comes to Marketing your Deck Company, Timing is EVERYTHING!

Home Shows are a labor intensive and EXPENSIVE method for marketing. Not quite as expensive as yellow page advertising however, if you do it right you may get some sales from the home show. Timing of these shows however, is often poor. When should you consider the investment in a home show? Consider the following analogies.

It is 1944 in France, you are a commander on the battlefield. The opposing forces are mounting an attack. You know you have a slight firepower advantage. When do you give the order to open up on them?

While they are still under cover or when the most enemy soldiers are vulnerable?

Simple Answer right?

You are Duck Hunting. Do you expend all your ammunition before or after you see a duck?

Exactly-- you shoot when the birds are in the air!

Fall home shows for deck companies are just ridiculous. We tried it many times, however for a hand full of leads it just wasn't worth the effort. Send out some glossy flyer's for 1-10'th the price or invest the money in on-line advertising instead.

Early spring Home Shows are also just throwing your money to the wind. If you are casting your net into the deck and fence pool in February and March, you are typically throwing your money away.

The only Home Shows worth doing are the ones that happen once the weather has warmed and the trees are turning green. Only flowers in bloom and leaves on the tree start the spring buying season for decks and fences.

People are simply not in the mood for buying until the ENVIRONMENT signals their psychological mindset to change. If there is no sense of urgency--people just do not buy. They shop... They call as many deck and fence builders as they can and typically those playing that game end up with worn shoes.

You the Deck Builder cannot change the environment. We react to the environment. We roll with the punches and enjoy when the environment is favorable. We can no more control our environment than we can control our expiration date.



Chelle said...

Interesting and insightful about your weather references. Love the duck hunting question! Makes a great point. Check out this great website which gives advice for fence contractors. (click name)

Unknown said...

Good points. Have you had any luck with direct mailers? I'm trying to launch a new product in the industry any advice would be welcomed!!