Monday, March 08, 2010

Yellow Pages for Builders of Decks and Fences

Is Yellow Page Advertising Dead?

The Yellow pages are buying ad space on our Website...

and this blog, and they are buying it through Google. I guess that means that the Yellow Pages Group is now a middle man selling Google Adwords.

If you had a sneaking suspicion that yellow page advertising didn't work very well nowadays--here is proof positive that Yellow Page Advertising's time is passed.

When people asked me about advertising decks and fences in the Yellow Pages, I typically put it this way. "Quick... where is your phone book right now?-- Can you answer in 5 seconds or less? Unless you are over 55 you likely don't know where your phone book is. I found mine a few months back and it still had the plastic on it.

These days folks typically walk to their computer... type in what they are looking for and where... and get the answer from Google.

We have top ranks in places like Los Angeles, Dallas and many other Cities in North America. Dallas, Houston, Tampa and Boston are available. We can get you good ranking in many cities around the globe--Not just in North America. We can do it because we create actual content--information and inspiration that people recommend to friends and that is why we get hundreds of thousands of visits a month.

The internet can be the single most cost effective method for getting connected with potential clients--if the site is well built and of course, once it is established.

We shut off our yellow page ads about 10 years ago in favor of the web.

In the early days you could throw a web site together quickly and get top ranking for nearly everything.

These days starting a website and getting real traffic is a bit more difficult. The average phone company website will get 30 or so visits a month if you are fortunate.

The question is, if you are starting a new web site from scratch, how are you going to get in front of the other 500 deck builders in your area, a hundred of so directories and of course for your city's searches.

You can spend a hundred grand or so on a great website and pay monthly for optimization and wait a year... or put our leads in your pocket--and get started in a couple of weeks with us.

Call 888 293 8938 or send an email to to get involved.

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