Monday, January 24, 2011

Did you buy your website from the yellow pages group?

Did you hire the Yellow Pages to create your website? Yes you did... and your website looks like this. On first glance, that's OK, you have to have somebody create your website...but be advised-- This kind of website isn't going to supply endless leads the way the Yellow Pages did 20 years ago. You will be lucky to get a couple of calls a year in most areas.

You will notice that there are many thousands of websites that all look like they were created by 1940's Germany. different colors, but all the same.That means that they will all be clustered together in a glut of under-performing websites.


How do I know?  Did I hire Bell Canada-er- Yellow Pages Group to build my website? 
No, I discovered this when I started seeing a lot of ads showing up on our website. You see, Bell Canada - Yellow Pages Group doesn't get much traffic to their on-line directory (website). They either can't figure out how to do it, or they are penalized because they are competing with Google.

So these days, since the Yellow Pages don't have eyes and they want to continue making the same money they did before the decline of their media, the game has changed. 
So, you hire Bell - BCE- Er, Yellow Pages Group.

They Pay Google for Advertising

Google pays us for Advertising--and I block the ads if they compete with our people.

The trouble with this arrangement is that you have a great big middleman in the picture... Yellow Pages. 

The point of the story here is that the Yellow Pages Group is incredibly expensive for what you get. They have no natural traffic so they have to pay for traffic. What they create for you is poor quality and won't get you the traffic you want or need to get for the money you pay them. (The most you can expect is to find your name in Google if you type that in with the Town you live in--not sure about City, depends on competition and your chosen name).

The point is that if you have done this you can always change your phone numbers and shut it down, however don't trust me. Go right now to google. Type in Google Analytics and follow the instructions to generate code.

Now get that to your webmaster (Bell Canada - Yellow Pages Group), or whatever webmaster you can find that they will grant editing access to the yellow pages created site. Without accurate statistics you are driving blind. You need to know how many VISITS, where they came from and how they found you. (For more about Website Traffic Terms like Visits, Hits and Page here)

Install the code from Google and very soon you will find out how much the wonderful website by the "Yellow Pages" is doing for you.

You will quickly discover that ALL of your traffic is coming from Google and most is from Adwords.
Google has a wonderful system for buying advertising called Adwords. 

Now, if you are in the Deck and Fence, Landscape Architecture or Design or Landscaping Business... you can go right to the source and get a listing on our site. Because we see 1,000,000 eyes every year, we get targeted traffic that is looking for what you sell. For about the price of a dinner out you can get listed on (click for info). 

We don't charge per click and being part of a large high quality web presence means legitimacy. 
We will make your phone ring. You can even upgrade to being one of our "Accredited" Builders or designers and have an exclusive area without any other competition.

There was a time when the Yellow Pages were the only game in town.

If you had a business that sold to customers of any kind, you could get a Yellow Pages listing and be immediately in the game. With the advent of the internet that has changed in a horrific way for the Yellow Pages. They went from supplying 77% of the home improvement prospective customers or better, to roughly 5% and mostly retired.

I personally don't know where our phone book is--When is the last time you used yours?

On-Line Yellow simply are not a factor. There are 30,000,000 people in Canada, 100,000 visits to Yellow Pages website a month (and traffic is sinking fast). At minimum, 50,000 of those visits would be from advertisers checking their sites/ads... That leaves 50,000 eyes a month. For perspective, from March till August gets 100,000 to 150,000 unique visitors per month and we are just one company in a niche market. Our humble little company gets more visitors than gets

Google is the new Yellow Pages, and supplies thousands of targeted referrals because
Google sees us as a source of good information and inspiring photos.

Get in touch with Lawrence to find out more about getting involved!

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