Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Spring Marketing Season is Here!

People are shopping for outdoor ideas right now--yes, the majority will call you on the first warm day in March, however traffic to our main site has doubled since the weeks before Christmas already and traffic builds steadily from now until March.

December sees 30,000 visits, January it jumps to 45000, February sees 55,000 people and by March 1 we are well over 100,000 visits every month. It often takes Google 2 months or more to find new listings and content and assign it a value. That's how long it takes for your information on our sites to get on the search engine page. Waiting until February is a dramatic mistake. You will miss out on more than 100,000 visitors.

 Deck Renovation, (new tempered glass rails and post dress in The Beach Toronto, Designed and Built by Yours Truly)

Joining our team in the spring will see you missing out on about 1/3 of the leads. People are looking for ideas while the snow is covering their yard. They hit print... They bookmark. They Copy and Paste. Just because people are not calling doesn't mean your marketing materials are hitting the mark.

You also need to consider that the larger projects for spring have been--and are being planned presently. It can take months for outdoor kitchen areas and furniture grade decks to go through the design, engineering and permitting process.

Paul Corsetti (Our Landscape Designer in Toronto Canada-see his Landscape Design Blog), is working on his first project of the year from a lead he received Jan 3. Just because everything is covered with snow in Toronto doesn't mean people are not planning their projects!

(Prefinished Red Cedar Fence- Designed by Lawrence Winterburn, Masterfully installed by Luke Simonovski-Our builder in Toronto East)

The photos above show projects done late last summer and both will need some landscaping come spring. Our Builders will be referring projects to other related trades through the winter.

This year we have 2 magazine articles coming out in April-- These will also make things pop when things warm up.

Get ready for spring--Get Listed and Get Busy!  

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