Sunday, September 18, 2011

Deck Renovations- With Curved Brow

Here are the near finished shots of that deck with the dangerous staircase. As you can see a safer staircase was built--away from the septic system. We also built in a storage area beneath the stairs with a landing mid way down to avoid guests tumbling too far if they were to mis-step.

We added a boardwalk out for easy travel to the water--this is a property near Wasaga Beach Ontario. Dan Maragno was the builder and you can see his smiling face on the boardwalk. 
 We paired joists and added a brow to allow more space on the deck. This is no kerf cut temporary brow like you see on TV--this is a solid red cedar lamination using epoxy which will last 30 years. 

 Adding the brow in this case made it possible for a full size dining table on the second level. Dan also took care of a large deficiency list stemming from the deck inspection that spawned this project.

Another masterful job by Dan Maragno--Our Oakville Design Builder!         L


Mark said...

Laminated western red cedar lasting 30 years? Really?

Unknown said...

Yes Mark... KD western red cedar laminated with marine epoxy with sealed end grains will last 30 years.

Be careful though...there are many guys selling white cedar and Chinese Cedar (fir--turns black), and none of that will last as long.

Generally, species that thrive in rainforests have developed ways of preventing rot caused by moisture. Ipe, Tiger Wood, Red Cedar... are all rot resistant. Red Cedar due to the tannins.

When red cedar is sealed all 6 sides...even if it isn't maintained after the first treatement... it will last 30 years.

Mark said...

Interesting I always thought it was the beta-thujaplicin that provide the durability?

Unknown said...

Thanks we know what the natural preservative is called!

Here's a link to our stain guide...