Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Etobicoke - Toronto Cedar Decks

More Cedar decks in Etobicoke, (part of Toronto Ontario). This deck was designed by Lawrence and built by Luke Simonovski and Crew. The deck we replaced was 3 levels and was poorly planned. A narrow upper platform and another narrow platform below made it too cramped for furniture.

Privacy screens work well to create a sense of privacy even though the neighbours are only a few feet away. By adding found objects or art sculpture you can personalize these blank panels and make it feel more like the interior of your home.

These decks have plenty of space for furniture and still maintain traffic flow.  The pergola is designed for a future retractable canopy system. There is still a nook in the far corner designed for housing a hot tub in the future.

Dropping the level of the deck and maintaining the barbecue area up top means a larger lower platform. When you want to build beautiful decks in Toronto Please call us at (416) 951-9998. Everywhere else, please call (888) 293-8938

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