Monday, October 10, 2011

Life Time Lumber-- Out of Business

Another Composite Decking Company has closed it's doors. Two months ago they sent us samples... and today, they are out of business.  The website is gone... I guess warranty service isn't an issue, unless the composite decking you bought from these guys doesn't live up to expectations. In that case--you have no warranty--sorry.

 Composite decking companies seem to come and go. If anyone knows of a site keeping score of composite decking company failures, please let me know about it.

Life Time Lumber has closed up shop and their manufacturing facility is winding up production.  This company had actually constructed pergolas out of the materials so it had peaked my interest. Unfortunately the samples (delivered by UPS ) were damaged during the shipping process even though they were bubble wrapped.

The material was extremely heavy and also very soft. It reminds me of MDO in structure and I am not convinced that material will work very well for exterior work that is exposed to potential damage.

I was going to do a little experiment... hanging a concrete block off double rafters for a couple of seasons to measure it's structural strength. I guess they saved me time by going out of business.

Nice knowing you Life Time Lumber--


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