Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lots of noise about Composite Decks

Linkedin is abuzz over composites. New products all jostling for position in the business. There's a great article about the current state of composites in North America here..

They talk about the expected new generations of products due out this fall, and touch on capped materials swelling at the ends and causing the vinyl cap to tear. 

Michael Dotson spent $15,000 on Geodeck materials and sent in a pile of photos of that failure--he told me that  
"I filed a claim... and had a claim number....and eventually was told we have no $$$ to pay your claim"

We are going to use all of them for a gallery of photos for the "Composite Decking Article" shortly, but here are a couple of samples.

Now, I know that the Geodeck name has been sold twice since the originators of this product had control...but this legacy will continue due to the mistreatment of their customers. When you buy composite decking you need to know that many companies have left customers with decks that look like this--and when they get sold, change their names or go out of business, you have NO Warranty!

If you have photos of a deteriorating composite deck... send them along. It may cause pressure on the company to service your warranty claim.

For's article on " Composite Decking " click here.

If you are building a deck and considering composite decking... Do your Research!



jklinken said...

I have pictures here...

Unknown said...

Sorry to see that JK... is that your own deck?

jklinken said...

Yes, it WAS my deck until I replaced it in 2010. It continued to deteriorate and I couldn't trust it. I decided to replace it with Fiberon and put a porch on it.