Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Horizontal Fences

If there is a trend in fences it is horizontal fences. Things were vertical for the last 20 years, likely in part due to pool guard laws. Fences had to be difficult to climb to prevent wild neighborhood children from drowning in your pool.

Here is a new horizontal design for fences that is actually pool safe. The key is that it is non-climbable for 42".  5' of non-climbable area is even better and you get that from the 6' version of this fence.

This fence had 7', 6' and 5' sections randomly--actually strategically placed to hide sight lines from the neighbor's boundary encroached home next door. 

This design is suitable for pressure treated, cedar or any outdoor wood you choose.

These fences were designed by and built by Luke Simonovski in Toronto East.


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