Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Horizontal Fences

If there is a trend in fences it is horizontal fences. Things were vertical for the last 20 years, likely in part due to pool guard laws. Fences had to be difficult to climb to prevent wild neighborhood children from drowning in your pool.

Here is a new horizontal design for fences that is actually pool safe. The key is that it is non-climbable for 42".  5' of non-climbable area is even better and you get that from the 6' version of this fence.

This fence had 7', 6' and 5' sections randomly--actually strategically placed to hide sight lines from the neighbor's boundary encroached home next door. 

This design is suitable for pressure treated, cedar or any outdoor wood you choose.

These fences were designed by and built by Luke Simonovski in Toronto East.


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Tom said...

I like the look of that, I'll have to reconsider my design. Do you have any advice for soundproofing? I live on a street that is busier than I realized when I built. I was initially thinking 1x6 cedar boards with a 2x4, bottom and top rail, with a 2x6 cap possibly between 6x6 cedar posts. I was hoping to stick to 4x4 posts for the sake of funding the project, but I know more mass = more sound damping. Any additional thoughts or advice you can give? Does the sound reduction primarily just benefit between line of site and the road?

Unknown said...

Whenever you build a solid fence you need to consider wind load. This fence was very sheltered and the client wasn't concerned with longevity-(might move). She wanted this to hide an eyesore and offer privacy short term.

I'd use 6x6 posts for anything the wind won't travel through.

For full soundproofing you can use t&g full width boards and get full sound attenuation.

Better still, seal them entirely before you install since they tend to collect water and rot prematurely if you don't.

We do sell materials--so get in touch with your material list.

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Tom said...

Great to hear the wind load advice, that was something I was a bit concerned with as well.

I've been thinking along the lines of some home theater construction methods as well which preach double drywall and something called Green Glue to dampen the sound. Have you ever heard of someone doing double pickets for mass? I've emailed a supplier of green glue to see if they have something that is exterior rated. I haven't used the product yet, but users of avsforum seem to swear by it.

I guess I would rather just go overboard once and be pleased with the result, then just do something basic and end up being disappointed.

Thanks again! I'll give a call for pricing once my design gets approved ... I'm going against pre-determined subdivision rules, so need a architectural committee to decide what property lines can be privacy fence, and which need a large opening between pickets (2.5 inch minimum I believe is the rule) if not "bordering" a busy street. I'm a bit from Ontario in St. Louis, so might be difficult with shipping costs. I may buy a plan though anyway just to get some additional thoughts, and for the nice blogging and information you provide.