Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Market for Decks and Fences 2010

It has been a fairly busy year for all things considered. Our builders seem to be ticking along nicely in most areas. It may have something to do with the level of skill and creativity among our group. Ontario's market for decks and fences slowed to a snail's pace on July first with the HST increasing the tax charged by 8% on all decks and fences.

BC also brought in the HST this summer, and that province was already in the doldrums for luxury items like decks and fences so until something changes out there we are not looking for a builder in that area. To be candid, I considered just leaving this paragraph out in an effort to keep things positive--however I really want to be honest and open about business posts.

South of the border things are still slower in many areas than usual--that's just a bi-product of near 20% real unemployment.  We had many calls from the New York City area as well as Washington and Boston this year, so it sounds like New England is a fairly healthy economy on the whole. We finally have a builder setting up in the New York City-Connecticut-New Jersey (Tri State Area) and I expect him to be very busy.

Plenty of calls from Florida and Texas this summer-- and both those areas are available. Boston had a few calls as well this year, and that area is also open. I expect the prosperity to spread to the Boston area in the next few months.

GardenStructure has focused efforts on capturing a larger part of the high end residential and commercial market and it seems to be paying dividends for our builders. We are happy to say that in the Ontario market Post Mid-Recession Tax Increase, our builders are busy while many fence companies, small lumber mills and other discretionary business are shutting down.

The present market for decks and fences in North America is highly competitive at the middle and low end of the market. More people with smaller budgets are shopping dozens of companies for low prices--however the high end still wants a dependable quality builder with inspired details. Sales ratios seem to have increased dramatically for our builders--and we have seen many more large job consultations than in 2009.

If you want more information about our builder group you can call 888 293 8938 and ask for Lawrence, or go here. Deck, Fence and Pergola Un- Franchise.


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