Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pergolas with Roofs

 Pavilions typically featured pretty basic detailing. Now that we are doing them that is changing. Why can't roofed structures be cool?  This pavilion is more like a roofed pergola. It has all the style of a pergola and a permanent roof to boot. To see more shots of this pergola with a roof (click)

This pavilion seems to be sitting on interlock, however there are 22" footings beneath the stone to prevent frost heave. Here's the flattering part. The client was impressed by the compression hardware that stabilizes the columns--He should know all about it. The client is an Engineer!

This Pergola-Pavilion was designed by Lawrence Winterburn and Built by Dan Maragno in Oakville Ontario.

You can learn more about pergolas at the Pergola Blog


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