Monday, November 20, 2006

Insane Neighbors ! - A Reason for Building a Big Fence !

Here's the best reason I know for building a big fence!
I can't even imagine being in these poor people's place.
You buy a house and do all the renovations the right way--they even had the wood windows meticulously restored rather than sticking vinyl windows in.
The neighbours seem ok... until they change the furnace and stick the pipe towards your property. Not thinking much of it, you ask them to move the pipe, never realizing that the guy is about to go nuclear on you.

I've seen neighbors paint their fences hot pink on one side, I've seen stop work orders for fences on retaining walls down the street from this residence and the comittee of adjustment exist just for cases similar to this one--but mark my words, this one is different.
This one has gone way beyond reasonable and rational. One neighbor has passed through to manic behavior it's about to get interesting. (believe it or not-the one exhibiting irrational behavior is involved in the psychology field)

So, when I get the call a fence nearly 8' tall has been built, with a solid gate and a roof structure right up to the property line so that the owner can scurry around like he's in his own comfortable little nest free from the prying eyes of his neighbor.
And-he's installed 3 surveilance cameras so that he can view my client's home.
And a 2 million candle power motion sensor security light (to illiminate my client's bedroom at night)

The ladder is a permanent fixture....

And a security sign-- 8' in the air, directed at my client's dining room window.
Stay tuned...
Strategies are in place...
Lets see how it all plays out.

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Catherine MacDonald said...

Hmmm that is UNBELIEVABLE! You do get some fun work eh? ;-) By the way it is not entirely shocking that the nut is in the psychology field.... Things that make me think WTF is wrong with some people??? And THEY are advising others on their sanity! Sheesh! Gotta see how this works out!