Thursday, November 30, 2006

Makela on Vinyl Fences vs Wood Fences

Here's a post from David Makela--
(He knows more about vinyl than I do).

Heres some info for the blog regarding vinyl fence products. As you know I prefer a nice custom built wood fence over a vinyl fence myself and I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me and try and compare wood against vinyl, but I do feel vinyl has its place in the fence industry just as ornamental aluminum and steel fence does!.

The out come of any fence is in the quality of the material used and the craftsmanship of the person or persons behind the installation. You can apply that rule to any style, type of fence that is to be installed. A vinyl or aluminum fence will magnify any flaw in the installation where a wood fence has a margin for error with the natural twisting sagging and bowing of the product. Vinyl is manufactured where all the material is true to form so if a post is set a quarter inch out of height or alignment it will show up where wood has a forgiveness.

Too me every style or type of fence has its place in certain applications. I like a ornamental around a swimming pool. A vinyl picket looks good on a vinyl sided colonial, A vinyl rail looks nice around a vinyl sided ranch house, And a vinyl privacy looks nice in the back of any vinyl sided home.

Like Lawrence said the vinyl fence business has come a long way since the pictures of the round coral fence shown in the previous pictures. It is not fair to judge vinyl by those pictures. I can't even buy that style of fence in today's market.

There are several companies today that manufacture their products to offer a transferable life time warrantee. The product is engineered so that they feel they can offer a product that will with stand the UV rays from the sun plus all weather conditions to prevent sagging. The product is also recyclable.

I assure you if a Quality vinyl fence is installed properly it will last and look great for many years too come!!

Some of the better products I have used are ultra guard, Buff tech, and Maximum. They are reinforced through out with a grid system of vinyl extruded on the inside of the rails Ultra Guard sells there fence in a 6 ft. on center increment. Some other manufactures have a I beam insert that is installed at the bottom rail.

Best Regards,

David Makela
Mak also Mentioned that this fence withstood a flood and looks much the way it did in these photos. If anyone has any other questions--Mak is happy to answer them in comments!


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