Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rookie Fence Building - eposode 2

How do you spot a rookie fence builder's work?

No names-addresses or embarassment. I drive alot, and I see some horriffic fences. Here's a couple with critiques. I'm clearing off my desktop, so lets use up these photos.

Possibly a beginner fence builder will see this post and learn what they need to know ahead of time.

For the rookies--we sell DIY Fence plans at the web site... just click on DIY.

#1 Beginner error- not enough support. Most carpenters get it-but amateur builders may not get the principal. You can't really blame them. I've seen this design in a few books.

To span 8' you will need the equivilent of about 7-10" of material supporting.
Which means, 2-3 2x4's stood on edge built into the structure. A 2x4
upright--nailed to a 2x4 on the flat equals 5".

I bet this (below) was a really nice looking fence when it was new. Now--a waste of wood.

The new section is actually built on the ground--and has no support either. Same mistake-10 years apart.
When you build in an area where frost is a factor--you need to leave a couple of inches below the fence. (helps prevent rot too)


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