Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Comittee of Adjustment Application Fee $1250.00 YIKES!

Barrie Ontario January 1/ 2007

Committee of adjustment application fee is now $1250.00

This means if you want to build a 101sq' shed rather than a 100 square foot shed, or a fence that is 2.2 meters high or build a deck between 2 houses there is a financial spanking doled out.

From the creators of the "Do as We Say Festival", there is now a financial incentive to be good citizen and just accept what the city dictates. Not only do they want to inflict their taste on the masses--they demand we pay $1250.00 for the privilege of being told what we can or cannot build in our yards.

All the building department fees are ballooning--get caught without a permit... few hundred dollars, the cost of a basic permit is up.

Mississauga-- $150 application fee, Barrie $1250.00. Strange isn't it?

On the same subject--to obtain a permit in Oakville Ontario to build a deck you need a special permit with a deposit of a couple of thousand dollars in assurance that you will not make a mess on the street or boulevard in front of the house on city property.

BCIN numbers, insane fees, from people who don't know why a fence stands or a gate works--really is a bit of a joke.

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