Thursday, July 27, 2006

Our New Logo

Our New Logo

This is a long story. It started many years ago. We hired numerous guys for a couple or a few hundred dollars each, and just never created what we loved for a logo.

I believe that nearly 10 people tried… and failed—or just plain gave up trying.

Through our Landscape Designer – Paul Corsetti, we met Ben. Ben is an “artist” who is extremely creative. He sells his time in $500.00 blocks. It took us 5 blocks of time to get here, but we have something that works perfectly and it all happened inside 3 weeks.

He actually created 5 different variants that can be used for other applications.

Ben is a Genius—a creative Guru—and we are grateful for his creativity.

We are pleased enough that we intend to do a showcase of his logo work within our site, so keep an eye peeled in the coming weeks.

If you need a logo—just get in touch with me by email and I’ll give you his number.
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