Monday, July 06, 2009

Very Poor Deck Details

Poor Deck Detailing can take many forms.

On first view of this deck it doesn't look so bad. They cared enough to make the support columns blend with the home--and from a distance it looks like a handsome deck. As you get closer you begin to see what a train wreck of a deck this structure really is.

Handrails that protrude into brick causing the columns to crumble is small potatoes when you realize that 5/4 decking was run on 30 degree angle and sags between the overspanned 2x8 joists spanning 14'. The entire platform springs beneath your feet.

These ballusters have been illegal for second level decks for about 15 years now because they are simply too weak to keep a falling human on a deck. Placing the shoe directly on the decking just breeds rot.

What on earth were they thinking with these footings. I don't know how large the base of these footings are but I would have put 14 or 16" sonos in a 20" hole beneath these footings on the soil in this area. The deck seems to have sunk a little, however without putting a level on it I couldn't comment on movement.
I don't expect it has been inspected by the building department--if it had they sure didn't get very close during the inspection.