Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring 2011 for Deck and Fence Builders

Spring started for our builders about March 1st, so I haven't had much time for updating the blog.

Most have been wrapping up winter projects and busy doing estimates from the many inquiries in the past weeks. People call us all winter to plan projects, and many of the jobs happening this spring were planned late last summer.

We've added a few Artisan Directory Listings, A vinyl specialist in Los Angeles, builders in Dallas, Raliegh North Carolina, Baltimore Maryland and two builders in Ontario and they seem to be getting plenty of calls. 

Artisan Directory Listings are a risk free way to try out what we can do for you as a deck builder--without commitment. This will give you a good indication of how many of our existing visitors are from your area looking for what you do. It also gets you familiar with our designs when you build a couple of our projects for the clients you meet through the listing.
"We also have new Accredited builders near Montreal Quebec, Etobicoke Ontario, New York and South Florida."

Watch for many more new builders this spring. Our programs are the best value going to make Deck, Fence and Pergola builders busy even in this difficult economy.

We have a 3 week backlog for custom plans already, which is very early. I am working on plans for a deck in Calgary, a cemetery in Virginia, an elaborate deck in Tampa Florida, and about 5 other projects in the Toronto area. Of course there are the usual alterations to stock plans...about 5 of those.

The economy locally in Ontario has never been worse, but we are still run off our feet.

As this most recent gas shock effect takes hold, it may be a challenging year for anyone not involved with this year--but the signs are putting to a banner year for everyone in our group. Many of our builders are booking well into summer already.

Get in touch soon to make it a better year for your deck company!