Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring National Home Show 2009

We've been busy creating a display in the Spring National Home Show's "Dream Gardens".

It turned out well.

Most of our local builders participated and some have more than 50 hours invested so thanks for the tremendous effort guys.

Connie Cadotte was a pleasure to work with--She kept everything together. Gelderman Landscaping's landscape crews were helpful and efficient. Thank you all.
If you are a customer looking for ideas visit us at the spring national home show is on until Mar 1-09. If you want to meet with a designer give us a call at 888 293 8938 and we will let you know when to visit to meet with the right people.
If you need directions to the show click the banner link on the left to get to their site.

If you are a builder looking to join us, please get in touch. There are still a few areas open in Ontario.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lifestyle Ads

Here's the puzzle of the day:

What do you think these folks are selling using this photo?

Being Rich, White and happy with perfect teeth?

Their investments are paying off well enough that they can sit on this deck being shiny and happy all day long without a care in the world?

Doubt it.

Look at that grimy deck--betcha that's where the barbecue was--before the photo shoot I mean.

It is an ad for the largest deck and lighting company in the United States.

If you sell decks, but you don't build the most beautiful decks, then show happy smiling people. Who is smarter... them with their happy perfect people or the folks putting so much effort into design.

Time will tell.