Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lawrence is Back--

Every year I think--"This summer I will take some time with the family and will have plenty of time for writing"-- The writing had to be dispensed with. As usual we were inundated with interesting work to design and build. I had to lapse the writing in favor of taking care of the guys that needed help so please forgive.

In the weeks to come you will see shots of some of our new projects and the website will get a new look, and you will meet some of the new guys. Ohh... and we will be looking at some of the competition's work--with brutal critiques.

Here's a funny one for you. I was getting gas the other day--in the next row there was a deck builder. I asked him for a card--wouldn't you know it, he featured a deck I had built 14 years before on his card. Oops.

Stay tuned!