Sunday, July 17, 2011

Privacy Screens in Toronto

Here is a privacy screen we designed for a home in the Beach - Toronto.

 The neighbors were doing an extensive addition and it had been going on for about 2 years when we got the call. The situation was urgent considering the home owner was considering moving to avoid putting up with the mess next door any longer.
 The view from the neighbor's side is minimalist, and budget was a concern for our client. We utilized the original hand rail support posts and added some strength by cladding the posts. These screens are made of pressure treated lumber... however they still look great utilizing these inexpensive materials.

The client in this case is a fabulous designer, so adding the candle holders, umbrella and plantings really sets the entire feature off. This project was designed by Lawrence Winterburn and installed by our Toronto East Builder, Luke Simonovski. To speak to them please call 888 293 8938.

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This has been the busiest spring ever for most of our builders--so please forgive my truancy, I'll be posting more often from this point and I have plenty of projects to show off from this season!

Stay tuned!