Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hot Spots-- Deck Builder Locations Available in Canada

There are a few top notch spots for deck and pergola builders in Canada that came available last year. These have been set up under the old system, where content means major traffic for those that will be listed before spring. These are places where the economy is still strong and we get phone calls often from disappointed potential clients wanting the decks, fences and pergolas they find in our Gallery.

We have updated the Canadian Locations section--it was getting a little crowded so we have broken it out by province.

Mississauga, Etobicoke and Brampton received more than 4900 Unique Visits to the website last year. That means enough traffic that you will see sunny days in the spring getting 5 or more calls a day. The builder there was more interested in renovations and kitchens than outdoor work since he didn't have a shop to prefabricate off site. He closed things up a couple of weeks ago. This area has lots of wealthy low density residential areas and has always been busy. This one won't last long.

Vancouver Island BC is a great territory for a local builder. This location received more than 3750 visits to it's two main cities, Victoria and Nanaimo. We would expect somewhere near 5000 for the whole island which makes it a busy territory. Top ranks in the search engines should keep your phone ringing.

Vancouver BC is wide open and it has always been busy. Things went backwards after the HST came in, but of late we are seeing more phone calls again. Vancouver and Burnaby together received more than 6000 unique visits last year.

Calgary and Edmonton Alberta each saw more than 7,000 Unique Visits last year--  That is enough to make a company busy. Aside from Toronto, these areas get the most phone calls from potential clients. Calgary was just slightly busier than Edmonton -- Likely due to the turn around in oil.

Winnipeg Manitoba was a big surprise to me when we went through the stats this year. 6,200 Unique Visits should make it a busier area than Mississauga. If any builders are looking to relocate out of Ontario or BC... Winnipeg may well be a great place to look.

Windsor Ontario is picking up again, still has a high unemployment number, but wherever there is a larger population, people are making money. Those people are our customers. 3300 Visits from Windsor alone, factor in the other small towns it should be 4000 visits. It looks like a good place for a deck company.

Montreal Quebec is an area that we only get traffic from Anglo residents since we don't have content in French. We would happily add some to increase traffic, however even without french content Montreal received 2800 English visitors. Keep in mind you Bilingual contractors, that English (Anglos) make up about 20% of the population in Montreal. With content in french the area of Montreal Quebec should see more than 12000 unique visits a year. This is a tremendous untapped market.

The traffic stats above are a good general guideline as to how busy an area is. If you would like to know traffic for your area please send an email with the major cities within striking distance and we'll let you know some stats. In general, traffic increases dramatically when a builder starts in a new area and even rural builders will benefit from inclusion in our builder list.

You can find out more about including your company in our builder list here  Join Us

If you want more information give me a call at 888 293 8938


Thursday, December 09, 2010

Try out Now!

If you have been on the fence about joining as a builder here's your chance to try us out  on the cheap.

 We in the office are tired of disappointing the thousands that call us asking if we have a builder in a certain place and we have to tell them sorry. We know there are many thousands of quality minded builders that are eager to hone their skills and want to make every customer happy. We want to connect you with clients that wants it done right and is not afraid to pay a reasonable amount to get the job done.

If you are curious as to how many people visit our site from your local area send us a note by email, letting us know your name, phone number and where you live and we'll dig that information up for you.

The "Artisan Group Program" is only offered in areas where we don't have an Accredited Design Builder--however if you are in doubt, give us a call or email and ask if your area is available.

Our traffic spikes on January 1 and builds to the summer, so the sooner you get things set up the better for spring leads. In most areas we get leads through the winter and in the southern states... this is building weather right now!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call 888 293 8938 or email us at

Happy Holidays everyone!