Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The best builders of decks and pergolas in Kansas City

Welcome Stephen Ledman in Kansas City! We know you will be
building great decks, pergolas and outdoor kitchens--because you have
built many great decks and pergolas before. Have a look at some of the pergola and deck projects
that impressed us so much!

kansas city outdoor kitchens and pergolas
This large outdoor kitchen with pergola Stephen and his crew built
this spring.

tigerdeck enclosed deck - 3 season room

Stephen works with exotic lumber and shows great prowess with difficult

A massive A Deck in Red Cedar - Kansas City

Put simply--we are happy to find talented people like Steven that we know
will make our clients as happy. Quality shows through. Steven is a
career craftsman that has built homes and renovated older residences for
many years.

Welcome Steven Ledman "Accent
Remodelling" Kansas City Missouri.


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