Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Pavilion in Toronto- Design by Paul Corsetti

This is a project that came from our Landscape Designer in Toronto, Paul Corsetti. He came up with the concept and working drawings, and our builder Luke Simonovski did a masterful job of putting it all together!


This permanent foundation pavilion (gazebo as some may call it), has real stone cladding, solid coping and is made with Red Cedar that was pre-finished. Copper flashings and gutters help add to the timeless look--and Paul's design  makes it blend with the existing landscape architecture and structural elements.

 The formal stone fireplace and garden furniture makes this feature a cozy spot for cool evenings for friends and family to gather around the fire!

Projects like this always have a designer involved, so your first step is to get in touch with Paul if you are in the Toronto or GTA for a design consultation. You can reach Paul at 416 455-5515.

by Lawrence Winterburn