Thursday, February 01, 2007

Design Dictators in South Surrey BC?

Style Police in British Columbia?

I received a very disturbing phone call this evening. A lady wanted to know some information about P003 pro pergola plan. Specifically the type of columns to use and whether or not we ship the material to BC. I told her, the material grows in BC, so shipping it back from Ontario may be cost prohibitive.

I told her all the specs were in the plan for her to source locally.

Her next question gets a bit strange. Is this pergola more than .6 meters high? “You mean is is more than 23” high?” was my retort. Yes, it’s about 110” high overall.

“No vertical structures more than .6 meters high permitted in yard is what she was instructed by the Style Nazi. Nothing higher than 23 inches.”

Maybe this lady was blowing smoke but if this is for real I need more information about it.

She said that to get a building permit you need an appointment with a city design consultant who will give you guidelines as to what you can build and what color “colour in Canuckian”. What color? YIKES.

She told me that it has come about and is spreading everywhere because people were painting their houses ungodly colors and upsetting their neighbors. Last I checked good taste was individualized and not a pre-requisite for buying a home. They get their punishment when they sell.

Is this the “Do as we Say Festival Gone Crazy?”.

I told her that this is either a historic district or a planned community (Click for an Example)—she insisted it was not. She told me she lives in Sullivan Heights.

Please—someone give me more information about this, I really would love to know. I tried the building department in Surrey but they were already closed. I’ll try them again tomorrow, but feel free to email me if you know anything about this.

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eric and dina said...

wow, i live in Sullivan Heights and i am dumbfounded by this. I was going to build a deck in the next few weeks.
More than likely it is just the city of Surrey wanting more of our hard earned dollars. If we need to consult the city, pay for permits and inspections, the cost of building a simple floating deck could cost hundreds extra in city fees.