Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hiatus - Summer 2009

Vacation? Break? No, just the usual too busy to keep up with the blog. Sorry folks.

I did a couple of jobs, pergolas, curved gates, laminated gates and even finished up a fence in Brampton when a builder walked off the job. (not something I make a habit of). Too much desk work is not good for the disposition--so site time was much needed. I also did plenty of photography during, so our training materials will improve.

I spent about 3 weeks working with Jamie Elliott on a large waterproof deck in south Barrie Ontario this fall--he was under the gun for time so it was all hands on deck. He shared a new detail for waterproofing decks from above--to allow for finishing with wood below.

This is one gorgeous deck--and we'll show you some shots as soon as it is posted to the portfolio.

I promise not to be truant in the next few months--no promises next summer though.


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