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Lead generation services may not end up delivering useful leads to your business. Here's why. Often times they just don't get the traffic to make it happen.

Above Graphic Courtesy of They will tell you that the results may not be perfectly accurate, however we use google analytics and I can assure you that our numbers are roughly 400% of what they indicate. Even at 25% of the actual numbers you can see how we dominate these directory sites for traffic.

Here at we build Decks, Pergolas, Fences and Outdoor Woodwork. We are Niche Specialists and also innovators of unique looking things. Therefore people link to our designs and single us out as "Leaders in our Field"-- Outdoor Woodwork Experts.

These directory sites like and specialize in HUNDREDS of different trades with a fraction of our traffic.

We've been tracking Carpentry Trade leads through and we set it up for a 500 mile radius... just to know how many leads they get. For December there were less than 10. For June (peak exterior season), there was about 35.

These are not guaranteed jobs, these are simply leads, which can be anything from another contractor doing price research to potential customers that don't have a clue and are looking at feasibility of the project. This is post hole auguring, to fence repairs, to chain link to decks and deck repairs all the way up to additions and new constructions.

These are leads which each contractor bidding will pay a fee to the lead generation site.

"installation of a fence, 5 feet plus lattice, roughly 100 feet total.
online estiamtes only please"

"New home requiring second level deck. Approximately 30' X 12'"

"Add a 2nd storey addition on a 750 sq. ft bungalow"

"I need the fence between my neighbour's and my yard replaced...
It is roughly 35' in length and it shall have gates for entrance to my and or his yard. "

Some of the leads look legitimate, but you have to remember that some are small jobs that they can't find anyone to do locally for cheap--and all are in competition with other builders.

This is the difference between and these Directory / Lead Generation Sites.... Our builders tell us that in an area of 500,000+ low rise population, on sunny days they may get more than 5 leads in a day--directly to their phone--without a price tag.

We don't sell the leads. You get set up, we help you with design by giving you background and specifications from past projects, a portfolio, a very functional website showcase and you get the leads directly to your phone and email... without competing with other builders in our group. One builder per area.

We just don't believe our builders should have to compete with lesser contractors. They should be building beautiful things for customers that expect something better!


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