Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Articles; Composite Decking and Starting a Deck Company

"Composite Decking Vs Wood Decks" update.

This article has been updated for 2012. We don't typically use composite lumber in our projects, simply because their warranties don't cover labor should they make a bad batch. It just isn't something that we have faith in as a product. The major development is that a composite decking company has blinked and is now offering a warranty that covers replacement of the decking by a qualified builder for a period of 5 years.

There are a few new composite decking horror show photos sent in by clients and much of the information inthe article has been updated for 2012 with composite industry changes.

There is also a new article about  "Starting a Deck Company in 2012".

The information in the article will give the new deck builder insights into creating a winning business plan for your new deck company. It also outlines many of the advantages our "Exclusive Builders" have over the competition. Designs, Details, Tablet Portfolio and use of our photography for marketing purposes.

There is also plenty of information for the existing deck builder for improving their deck company in 2012, and insights into the economy and how it relates to trends in the deck business.

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lylaburns123 said...

Thank you for this article. My husband just hired some painting contractors to his business. He has also been thinking about learning how to do decks. I'll have to show him this article. Thanks again!