Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dealing with Clients--Politics, Religion and Decks

Building decks is in fact a popularity contest.

Say nothing, express no strong opinions about anything but construction techniques, materials, design and non-inflammatory subjects.

Disagreements and ill perceptions must be avoided at all costs.

Politics and religion are not subjects that you want to get into unless you are prepared to only work within your chosen groups. If you want to be a large and successful company you must work for all ethnic groups, religions and political persuasions.

People’s beliefs are core to them. It is who they are. What they respect. If they are republican and you have democratic bumper stickers—you don’t get the job. Do not get lulled into political or religious discussions. Figure out a casual way of worming out of that prickly situation.

So, in summary here’s a list of words not to use in the presence of clients.

Regime Change (if you happen to be Canadian),
Religion, Religious, Church, Bible, Allah, Koran,
Liberal, Conservative, Neo Con, Republican, Democrat, Communists
Sweeping generalizations against politicians, tax collectors, lawyers and mechanics.

No Incendiary Subjects!!!

Keep everything positive; keep it moving in the direction of the sale. Don’t give an excuse not to deal with you.

By all means—be involved politically. Any associations or groups will be the source of additional business and many of us do have strong beliefs and views. I think it is part of the entrepreneurial personality. Exercise your need for association—just don’t use your business as a soapbox.


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