Sunday, January 08, 2006

Marketing your Deck and Fence Business

Beyond the whole "Make Every Customer Happy" and "Build it like it's your own" analogies there is something different known as Marketing.

Marketing is everything beyond doing your job well. It is necessary for survival and will ensure there is profit and sustainability. No Marketing--eventually No Business.

I hear it every day--"I don't have to do any marketing, I work on Word of Mouth Advertising".

I don't say it--but here's what I think when I hear that. :

"Who taught him to wing it? Why do people believe that the economy will not change? Where do they all come from? I have heard it from many energetic youngsters to the business world--and they rarely survive more than a couple of years. Often I fantasize about meeting up a few years later and seeing a nice bold sign on their truck and telling me that their profit has increased dramatically since they started marketing their business.

Here's what I'd like to say:

"If you are a sub contractor--or an indentured servant you don't need to market yourself. You are willing to work for the base rate--you are willing to work hard and do what you are told forever. You are not really in "Business" anyway--so don't worry about marketing".

"Now--If you are serious about business you want to cast a nice targeted net to bring you more leads than you need so that you can select only the best clients from the leads. More leads means more profit--more profit and you have money for expansion--to pay and retain your employees better--to have better tools--better location--better marketing--and retire early."

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