Friday, November 16, 2007

New Fence Design for Suburbia

A new Wood Fence for suburbia. Roughly the same price per foot as a good neighbour 5+1 lattice topped fence, just a little better looking. Our contractors have hundreds of details to work designs from--and new ones are always being released. 30 pages will be added to the Design Elements Package for our Builder Group this winter.
Notice the space beneath the fence so that frost does not lift the panels out of the ground.
Simple understated gates with a tasteful headpiece that maintaines posts vertically under the weight of the gates. There's a clear 1" of space between the gates and the braces are on the interior--transferring the hinge from the swing side down to the hinges. This prototype was Built by our Top Crew in Toronto "Tony Fredericks- Woodcrafters Inc." Nice work Tony.

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