Thursday, November 22, 2007

Word of Mouth Marketing

Salesmanship is something you can put into every word. From the initial contact to the final stroke on an agreement.

The old adage of shoot while the birds are in the air has plenty of sense in it—but what to do when the economy suffers and there are fewer birds seen?

We are seeing it where the most new migrants are, and where housing prices have tumbled and where the economy are overly reliant on the Automotive Business. There is simply less work to be done—and more people bidding on it for less.

This is the most important line in this article… “In Every Economy – Someone is making money”.

You need to connect with those people and show them the right things to ride through the economic downturn in style. “You can be one of those Someones”.

There are a few simple truths in the Deck and Fence Business.

  • Selling it as a commodity is a losers game.
  • Selling based on pricing decided by the competition is lunacy.
  • And finally, marketing must be done consistently for financial security.

    Our Builder Group is growing because about a Million people see our web presence every year… It makes our builders busier and gives them many exclusive designs to show to clients that are interested in our products.

    Good luck in whatever economy you may be in!


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