Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Deck and Fence Business Economics 2008

Someone asked me the other day how much money they could make—expecting me to say it is unlimited.

My answer—Well, that depends how hard you work, how good a manager you are, the local economic situation, how skilled a tradesman you are (or hire), how well you pick up the design aspects of your new job and numerous other factors.

If you rub every customer the wrong way, or show up in a Corvette to estimate a modest deck, wear a beer tee shirt to the quote, or try to sell with a phone number that folks have to dial long distance to contact you it is bound to be sluggish.

If you sell too cheap, nothing will make you a success.

Competing on price with unregistered, uninsured and illegitimate competitors is also a recipe for disaster.

Make the error of giving your company the wrong name there will not be much I can do for you

Names like Dirt Cheap Landscaping-Decks R US or you have slang words like Stuff or containing clever misspellings will often sabotage efforts to do more prestigious work or demand a fair market value for your upscale offerings.

Someone who just doesn’t have enough time to work 8 hours a day is not likely to do as well as someone putting in a full week of work.

When the economy looks tough, as it appears it may be in the coming year, you may wish to give some careful consideration to overcoming the obvious challenges.

“Shoot while the birds are in the air”, is short sighted and reactionary bit of advice. When there are no birds in the air it is bush beating time… or time to go hunting in other local bushes.

We are seeing it in Tampa. Housing has been discounted 35%, and our local builder has plenty of calls. When people can buy a house cheap—they are more willing to put money into it. Housing has always appreciated in the long term… and when you buy well you simply can’t miss.

There are more ways of looking at an entire economy even during challenging times. I have seen many people make their fortune during recession and met others that amassed a fortune during an actual Depression. In every economic circumstance someone is making money. I bet trustees, bailiffs and auctioneers are doing rather well in some areas.

Some people are defeated by difficulties—others are motivated by challenges and learn from them.

One guy may make a good living—another can build an empire but the most brilliant thing is the fact that it is your choice to make.

We are happy to be here to help you achieve your goals in 2008.


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