Friday, January 04, 2008

How soon to apply stain to a new wood deck?

How soon after building should you wait to stain a wood deck?

The answer may upset you. If you are asking this question you have likely already built your deck.

Did you leave spaces between the decking boards? How much? Without space the boards won’t dry sufficiently after rain. To get a good coat of stain on you may have to wait for a drought of 2 months or more for the moisture to escape the wood.

The best time to stain is before the deck is built. Dry, Deglaze and apply a coat of stain before you build. Sealing the end grains every time you cut will give you the longest lasting stain job.

Most of our “Builder Group Contractors” can do it, however it is a serious premium. Sometimes people opt to do the stain work themselves and then have us build the deck and end cut. You end up having to pay a little more for the extra work and ruined clothing—but that will solve the peeling stain issue.

For more information on Exterior Stain Application click here.


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