Thursday, February 23, 2006

Designing decks and fences

Where do designs for decks and fences come from?

Designing decks and fences is a challenge in the beginning.

Any art—has to be developed. I don’t believe anyone is “born to be great”, skills are developed, challenges are met, practice makes it easy. If I were born a great designer my childhood first lean to structure in the woods would have looked more like a castle than the pile of sticks that ended up falling down.

I can remember Bob Bateman (my HS art teacher) asking me not to return to his art class since I just had no natural talent. Cheers Bob— and thanks.

We all start out the same way—copying, emulating and building our skills. Eventually, your own style will evolve. Some are very different than the norm—some are closer to the normal in appearance.

I was fortunate that my designs had to be toned down 90% in the early days. People simply wouldn’t take the chance. Not much call for driveway gates that resemble Angel’s wings anyhow.


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