Monday, February 06, 2006

Pricing Decks Fences and Pergolas

Pricing Decks, Fences and Pergolas is easy right?

Just collect the flyers that come to your door, call all your competition in the phone book and have them out for a free estimate at your house… Then put your price in the middle of the pack.
Or… Not.

Look—Some of the guys in the Deck and Fence business don’t have a clue. Some of them are con artists that collect deposits and never come back. Some are part time pressure treated jockeys and have regular jobs—some are on employment insurance and only have to make $5.00 per hour.

Would you compete with someone working for free?

Do you think that those guys working for free will actually honor warranty service on something that was lacking structurally?

Apples should not be compared to rotten apples.

Every time a factory closes there are 50 new contractors with shiny new trucks, business cards and cool logos. No business training—little sales ability—they are all competing and selling on price alone.

Without profit the business is doomed.

Try Calculating a price based on your costs, your pay and profit calculated in.

I’m not going to include pricing here—since we help all our builders set their pricing so that they make profit—Real profit so that they can build a real business.


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