Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Search Directories for Deck and Fence Builders

Deck, Fence and Renovation Directories

There are millions of directories for numerous subjects and headings. I am not mentioning any—they don’t need marketing from my little blog. What I can say is that competition is good—to a point.

The infiltration into Google, MSN and Yahoo (the three major search engines) by thousands of directories is negating the whole reason the web was created.

Even the phone companies are getting in on the act. That should tell you something.
When the phone directories are creating on-line directories it means that the internet has reached a critical mass.

Check out Boston Decks as an example. 7 directory sites, a british deck builder and two cruise lines. Not a single deck builder there. (check it again in a week or so and we’ll have top position). That’s where our newest associate is and we’ll put him near the top in short order.

Soon enough the search engines will change things up enough to get those directories scrambling to get back on the list.

That’s the thing about subscribing to the directory sites—they may have good ranking today, but they may not be anywhere to be found very soon.

Go Pro .ca was one of the big shots in the directory business—building and selling websites and driving plenty of traffic.

Check out their stats. This is like a study of when Google changes the rules. Every time the search engines changed the rules—their traffic tumbled.

Go Pro Stats here

The other downside of directories—just like the phone book, they attract shoppers. Shoppers will use up your time, and a few other contractors while they dig for the lowest possible price. These folks will cost you production time and plenty of money when you are selling against 10 other Contractors.

Whenever you are bidding against numerous other companies for the same job your sales ratio will plummet. That’s where marketing comes in. When you have more leads you get to choose which are the best opportunities to invest your time in.

Spend Carefully—


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