Friday, February 17, 2006

The Environment and your Deck Business

Choose your Deck Business location carefully. You will be at the mercy of your environment both weather wise, economic and even phone service is a factor.

I am located in a little oasis of houses in the middle of farmer's fields to the south east of georgian bay. For about 500 miles cold wind over open (warmer water) picks up moisture and dumps it here in the form of snow. Add 50-60 mph wind and outside our little cluster of houses you can see 3-5' or- looking out your propped open car door you may be able to see the line on the pavement in spots.

Obviously, I'm going nowhere today.

This happens about 10-12 days a year. It's just part of living here and I don't mind. Clients you have to cancel or delay appts for often do--but in this kind of situation they will have to understand.

This is a fairly healthy community with plenty of work for a deck builder within an hour. Barrie and Collingwood are 1/2 hour away, but you have to factor in traveling time to your pricing.

Locating in a depressed economy will mean low prices for what you do--and likely considerable competition.

Here's another quirk to my location. I have 2 phone lines--that's all I can get. I am also on a dialup internet connection. No phone or cable company can help. Even sattelites don't work 5 or 6 days a year. They have no plans to install the equipment to enable high speed here.

With 2-3,000 emails coming in a day, and a site getting 10,000 visits a day staying is an impossibility.

There are many considerations to locating your deck business.


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